Prior to 2000                       Original photo © Tim Jones

The heavy concentration of multi-coloured lichens here, compared to other areas of the site where there is almost no lichen, leads visitors to various conclusions.
Some areas of the site have no lichen due to the fact they have been covered with soil and vegetation until they were recently uncovered.
Other areas have a limited amount of lichen due to some foot traffic and/or not a suitable moisture source to allow growth.
Different types of lichens grow on the surface here, each having its own environment.
The presence of orange lichens almost totally covering carvings in some photos can be attributed to this area being extensively used as a roosting area for many birds.
The nitrates from the bird droppings create a rich food source for the lichen.
Due to the moister climate this site has experienced in the past few years there is a massive growth pattern of black moss and algae all over the site.
These fill many of the carvings and the mosses create a black mat, which reduces the contrast between light and shadows,
thus hiding the carvings in soft light conditions and when there are no shadows mid-day.
Group A - Detailed image

1 – Bear Paw with claws extending to edge of rock edge

3 – Cloven Hoof with dewclaws back end joined

4 - Cloven Hoof without dewclaws

5 – Beautiful example of Human foot totally cut out

13 – small cloven hoof no dewclaws

14 – unknown shape looks like the letter N

15 – Single curved line right tight up against #14

16 – elongated human foot with 4 toes

17 - Cloven Hoof no dewclaws

18 – Single line close to top edge of #35 could be half a cloven hoof

21 – two small holes drilled and a small curved line ( partial side view of Bird?)

22 – very unique design with no known description

23 – tiny U shape

24 – Cloven Hoof with dewclaws

25 – Irregular cloven hoof with dewclaws very tight to toes

26 – Cloven Hoof With dewclaws

27 – Cloven Hoof with dewclaws

28 – large to print of Cloven hoof with dewclaws

30 – Unfinished cloven hoof

31 – Cloven Hoof with dewclaws

32 – Cloven Hoof with out dewclaws

33 – more of a V shape

34 – Human foot / Bear Paw incomplete and roughly carved

35 – part resembles Bear paw heal pad with two sets of toes ( side view of foot?)